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Strengthening Aid Effectiveness in Tanzania

Welcome to the Development Partners Group in Tanzania

Since formally established in 2004 the Development Partners Group (DPG) has been working with the Government of Tanzania and other domestic stakeholders to strengthen development partnership and effectiveness of development cooperation. DPG comprises 17 bilateral and 5 multilateral (UN counted as one) development agencies providing assistance to Tanzania.

Tanzania receives approximately US$2.5 billion ODA per year from its traditional bilateral and multilateral OECD partners. Since 1995 there has been an increased focus on improving the effectiveness of development assistance in Tanzania. In 2002, the first Tanzania Assistant Strategy (TAS) was launched guiding this process, running up to 2005. Focus was on ensuring external resources were transparently and effectively delivered, managed and accounted for. In 2006, the Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania introduced a much deeper reform of the aid cooperation, essentially localizing the 2005 Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness.

The Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania (JAST) expired in 2011 and a new successor strategy labelled the Development Cooperation Framework (DCF) has been elaborated. The draft DCF builds on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation agreed in Busan in 2011. The rationale for the DCF is to build on the JAST guiding principles of ownership, alignment, use of country systems, transparency and accountability, whilst also incorporating the new trends from the Busan Agreement and thereby moving from aid effectiveness to development effectiveness. This includes clearer integration of  financing  for development beyond aid which could potentially match the rapid changes noted in recent years of the Tanzanian economy with high growth rates, increasing domestic resource mobilization and foreign direct investments as well as aid and non-concessional loans from non-DAC partners such as China, Brazil, India, Turkey, Indonesia etc.

By moving beyond information-sharing towards actively seeking harmonization and alignment of aid systems and priorities, the Development Partners (DPs) are aiming at increasing the effectiveness of development assistance in support of the Government of Tanzania’s national priorities as laid out in the Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) II 2016-2021

We hope that through this website you will learn more about DPG in Tanzania and the milestones reached in making development assistance more effective and reflective of Tanzania’s national priorities.

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