DPG Tanzania

The Energy DPG

Formed in 2009 with the aim of supporting the Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania (JAST) under the National Development Framework; the Energy DPG (EDPG) is a key communication and facilitation unit for coordinating activities of Development Partners (DPs) involved in Tanzania's energy sector — ToRs for Energy DPG. To date, EDPG's capacity has expanded with more DPs supporting diverse energy and minerals sector projects, from rural electrification and renewable energy to capacity building initiatives in the petroleum and natural gas subsectors under the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM), which is the main Government of Tanzania counter part for EDPG.

Active DPs:
AfDB (Lead)
World Bank (Deputy Lead) 
o  Sweden
o   JICA
o  Norway
o   EU
o   USA
o   Netherlands
o   Canada
o   Korea EDCF
o  Germany 
Contributing DPs:

For more information regarding Energy DPG contact:
Earneus Kaijage
Energy and Minerals DPG Secretariat 
ekaijage@gmail. com