DPG Tanzania


DPGE is the policy platform but its members provide to the Government of Tanzania both financial and technical support through programmes and projects on environment, natural resource and climate change. Support is provided through working with line ministries, departments and agencies. Other support is channeled through NGOs and private sectors.

The estimates below are for Programmes/Projects that fall under DPG-E but same members also have projects/programmes with other sectors such as Transport and infrastructure, Health, Education, Agriculture, Energy and Minerals, Water etc. - the estimates below DOES NOT include these other sectors, and are as of May 2017. 

Programme/projects overview

Total investment value of on-going programmes/projects on climate change, natural resource management and environment exceeds USD 739 Million. More funds, over USD 405 Million is expected through programmes/projects that are currently being designed or have not been approved/decided. 

More information will be posted here!

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