DPG Tanzania

DP Gender Equality Working Group


To support high quality implementation of gender issues in national policies and strategies, development partners are encouraged to hold regular dialogue around common goals for a consolidated and strengthened partnership. Consequently, to ensure that gender is a cross-cutting priority in all development activities the need for development partners to work through a coordinated approach both in policy dialogue and in providing technical assistance to government is deem necessary. This requires the identification of clear shared results, agreement on entry points and content for policy dialogue.

At policy level, this requires working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children (MCDGC), the National Machinery mandated with the overall responsibility of coordinating address of gender issues. At the implementation level, it will require close collaboration and linkage with strategic stakeholders such as: Gender Mainstreaming Working Group-Macro Policy (GMWG-MP), the UN inter-agency gender group (IAGG); national women’s organizations, civil society organisations (CSOs) and Parliamentarians; the MKUKUTA Secretariat, the private sector and the other DPG sector groups.



The group meets every last Tuesday of the month at 10.00am-12:00pm, with extraordinary meetings called as and when necessary.


Contact Information

Anna Collins-Falk, UN Women

Erasmina Massawe, UN Women

Current Members

  • CIDA
  • DFID
  • Embassy of Belgium
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • Embassy of Ireland
  • Embassy of Norway
  • Embassy of Sweden
  • European Union
  • FAO
  • GIZ (former GTZ)
  • ILO
  • Italian Cooperation
  • UN Women