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Basket funds allow a bundle of activities to be financed by a range of donors through pooled funding aiming towards a strategic plan.

This has significant benefits: it allows great flexibility to financing activities as and when they are needed; it maximizes coordination of activities within the sector and it is much easier to align to Government public financial and economic management.

Basket funds have played a big role in financing core public reform programmes and development activities at the sector level.

Baskets in Tanzania

Basket Lead Contact Info
Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDP) World Bank Dr Zainab Semgalawe (zsemgalawe@worldbank.org)
Water Basket Germany Katrin Brandes (katrin.brandes@kfw.de)
Health Basket - Leticia K. Rweyemamu (rweyemamul@who.int)/DPG Health Secretariat
Public Financial Management Reform Programme (PFMRP) DFID/Denmark Vivek Misra (v-misra@dfif.gov.uk)/Mette Melson (metmel@um.dk)
Tanzania Statistical Master Plan (TSMP) World Bank Elizabeth Ann Talbert (etalbert@worldbank.org)
Business Environment Strengthening in Tanzania-Advocacy Component (www.best-ac.org) Danida Hans Determeyer (info@best-ac.org)
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