DPG Tanzania
Five Year Development Plan II Document

The theme of FYDP II “Nurturing Industrialization for Economic Transformation and Human  Development” incorporates the main focus of the two frameworks, namely growth and transformation (FYDP I) and poverty reduction (MKUKUTA II). FYDP II outlines new interventions to enable Tanzania industrialize in a way that will transform its economy and its society. It also incorporates unfinished interventions from the predecessor Plan and Strategy, respectively, deemed critical for realization of the aspirations of FYDP II. More importantly, and in tandem with the two predecessor  frameworks, FYDP II also implements aspects of Tanzania’s Development Vision (TDV) 2025 which  aspires to have Tanzania transformed into a middle income and semi industrialized nation by 2025, characterized by the year 2025: (i) high quality and sustainable livelihoods; (ii) peace, stability and unity; (iii) good governance and the rule of law; (iv) an educated and learning society; and (v) a strong  and competitive economy.

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