DPG Tanzania

Cluster 1: Growth for Reduction of Income Poverty

The broad outcomes of Cluster 1 are:

  • Inclusive and accelerated growth achieved and sustained;
  • Employment opportunities for all, including women and youth created;
  • Good economic governance ensured and quality of social services enhanced.

Cluster Strategies emphasize acceleration of economic growth in order to increase per capita incomes, sustaining high growth rate in an inclusive and substantial poverty-reducing manner. This thrust is in line with the target of 8-10 percent per annum as envisaged in the Tanzania Development Vision 2025. The broad outcomes under this cluster are addressed through the following five goals:

  1. Pursuing sound macroeconomic management
  2. Reducing income poverty through promoting inclusive, sustainable, and employment-enhancing growth
  3. Ensuring creation and sustenance of productive and decent employment, especially for women, youth and people with disabilities.
  4. Ensuring food and nutrition security, environmental sustainability and climate change adaption and mitigation
  5. Leveraging returns on national resources (both within and outside) for enhancing growth and benefits to the country at large and communities in particular, especially in rural areas.