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GWG Public Service Rerform Programme Group

Development Partners Public Service WG composition and purpose: There is a Public Service Working Group of Development Partners that aims to provide support to the government in implementing the PSRP.  This is done through dialogue on sector priorities, technical assistance and funding. At present there are three DPs active in the Public Sector working group, viz CIDA & DFID. The group recognizes that an efficient public service is fundamental to equity service delivery and poverty reduction. PSRP is cross-cutting in nature and impacts multiple sectors; it is thus an essential component of the Good Governance and the Mkukuta. The cumulative DPs contribution to the PSRP II by June 2011 was US$ 56.5 million. The original DP budget was US$101.8 million for the program. 

DPG PSRP Group meets on ad hoc basis.

Contact Information

Charles Sokile, DFID

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