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Bilateral members

17 bilateral members work alongside five multilateral members to advance the principle of aid effectiveness in Tanzania. Having being involved in the development process over the course for many years (some since Tanganyika became independent in 1961), bilateral members have acquired an extensive knowledge of the development dynamics in Tanzania and they bring to the table an invaluable contribution of how to further deepen the impact effect of aid assistance in the country. As well as being major funders they help shape development policies and aid framework and give technical guidance on the implementation process with a view of making aid more effective and reflective of the aspirations of the people of Tanzania.

Below please find the 17 bilateral development partners.

DPG is open to any interested bilateral partners, and over the past years, China, Brazil, Israel and New Zealand have participated in some of the DPG meetings and seminars.

Multilateral members

Multilateral members comprise of donors such as the World Bank, United Nations, the European Commission, the African Development Bank and the IMF. 

The UN engages in the dialogue around aid management with one voice as part of the Delivering as One (DaO) pilot reform in Tanzania (and 7 other countries). Since 2007, UN Tanzania has been developing new ways of working together with Government to achieve a greater impact on the ground by being more results oriented, efficient and harmonizing business practices across UN agencies. The DaO reform comes in response to the changing aid environment and is an attempt to translate the Paris and Accra principles of aid effectiveness into practice. The reform has five pillars: One Programme, One Lead, One Fund, One Office, and One Voice.

Under the DaO, there are 17 UN agencies:

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