DPG Tanzania

About DPG Transport/Infrastructure Sector


  • Coordinate the donors' position in their dialogue with GoT on policy issues in the transport sector.
  • Support GoT in fighting poverty and achieving economic growth through the provision of safe, reliable and affordable transport.
  • Support GoT's efforts to promote harmonisation and alignment and the move towards a sector wide approach led by Government.
  • Represent the transport sector donors in GoT/DP working groups (e.g. GBS review).
  • Exchange information on projects/programmes funded by each individual development partner.


  • Flexible functioning with one donor assuming the chairmanship and secretariat.
  • Meetings of the donor group every two months or whenever the need arises.
  • GoT/donors' Joint Technical Committee meetings convened by GoT at least twice a year.

Contact Information

Eisuke Tachibana, JICA
& Nobuyuki Kobe, JICA

Deputy Lead:
Patrick T. Musa, African Development Bank

Current Members

  • AfDB
  • DfID - UK
  • Embassy of Denmark
  • Embassy of Japan
  • JBIC
  • MCC
  • The World Bank
  • EC Delegation.
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