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Natural Resources Annual Review 2014

The Annual Natural Resources Sector Review  is a key element in the policy dialogue, coordination and planning in the Natural Resources Sector (Fisheries, Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries).

The review is carried out annually, facilitated by the Government of Tanzania – Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT) and Ministry of Livestock and fisheries Development (MLFD) in collaboration with Development Partners specifically the Group on Environment (DPGE). 

The main objectives are:

i) Promote dialogue and Consultation on key issues with a wide range of stakeholders, including CSOs and Private sector;

ii) Jointly assess sectoral trends and main challenges;

iii) Discuss priority actions

iv) Generate inputs for the assessment of the Underlying Principles of the General Budget Support (GBS)

The 2014 Annual Natural Resources Sector Review Meeting was held on 16th October 2014 at the National Tourism College – Bustani campus- Dar es Salaam. Final report, sector reports and presentations can be found in this page. 

NR Annual Review 2014 Final Report

NR AR 2014 Agenda

NR AR 2014 List of Participants

NR AR 2014 Summary of recommendations

NR AR 2014 Overview NR Sector_Presentation

NR AR 2014 Overview NR_Report

NR AR 2014 Wildlife_Presentation

NR AR 2014 Wildlife_Report

NR AR 2014 Forestry Presentation

NR AR 2014 Forestry Report

NR AR 2014 Fisheries Presentation

NR AR 2014 Fisheries Report

NR AR 2014 Tourism Presentation

NR AR 2014 Tourism Report

NR AR 2014 Antiquities Presentation

NR AR 2014 Antiquities Report

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