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Tanzania is facing serious Human Resources for Health (HRH) crises. Serious HRH shortfalls and challenges have been identified and highlighted at the Annual Joint Reviews of the health sector since 2002 up to 2007. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) in 2004 responded by establishing a working group. The working group is expected to support the government of Tanzania and to coordinate HRH issues and provide advice to the MOHSW. The members were formally appointed in 2004 by the MOH, and charged with addressing the Human Resource issue.

Terms of reference for the HRH TWG.


Minutes -16 March 2010

Minutes -25 February 2010


Human Resource for Health and Social Welfare Stratergic Plan (2014-2019)

Human Resources for Health in Tanzania (5th October, 2011)

Broad HRH Achievements 2010/11

Highlights of HR-SOs Achievements

Progress of the SWAp Milestone on HRH for the FY 2010/11

An Overview of Emerging HRH issues in the country

Summary of Key Priorities and Emerging HRH issues

Recommendations for HRH priorities for FY 2011/12

Proposed HRH SWAp Milestones for FY 2011/12

HRH documents

Situational analysis of existing task shifting practices among health workers in the context of HIV/AIDS and Reproductive and Child Health service delivery in Tanzania: Synopsis National Institute for Medical Research, HRH Team 2012

HRH Work Schedule 2010

HRH Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Rapid Assessment of ongoing enrollment trends of students in health training inst. in Mainland Tanzania 2008

Report on the Dissemination workshop for studies on health workers in Tanzania 2008

Proposal for a Tanzania health workforce initiative 2008