DPG Tanzania

Monitoring and Evaluation and HRH in Tanzania (6th October, 2011)

Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey 2010

Health Facility Committees: Are they working? (By IHI)

Tanzania DHS 2010, What has changed? (By IHI)

Sentinel Panel of Districts. A new platform for health monitoring and evaluation in Tanzania (By IHI)

Health Sector Performance Profile 2011

Regional HMIS Strengthening Initiative (Lindi)

Monitoring and Evaluation Strengthening Initiative

Health Management Information System Implementation

Sentinel Panel of Districts

The Role of National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) Surveys in Monitoring Health Outcomes in Tanzania

Human Resources for Health in Tanzania (5th October, 2011)

Broad HRH Achievements 2010/11

Highlights of HR-SOs Achievements

Progress of the SWAp Milestone on HRH for the FY 2010/11

An Overview of Emerging HRH issues in the country

Summary of Key Priorities and Emerging HRH issues

Recommendations for HRH priorities for FY 2011/12

Proposed HRH SWAp Milestones for FY 2011/12