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Background: The design, coordination and oversight of jointly funded programmes, projects and activities is a challenging requirement for Government of Tanzania (GoT) and it's Development Partners (DPs). This is particularly so with respect to the Governance and Accountability Cluster of the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (MKUKUTA) that embraces several complex, interlinked areas including  key reforms : (a) Public Service Reform; (b) Public Financial Management;(c) Local Government Reform; (d) Legal Reform ;(e) Anti-corruption; and (f)Accountable Governance (i.e. the voice of the people). 

Governance Working Group (GWG) Purpose: To promote and contribute to the good governance agenda in Tanzania. To strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of development assistance through joint policy dialogue, analysis and support to the Government of Tanzania. The GWG provides a forum for DPs to promote information sharing, transparency and accountability, knowledge building and foster strategic discourse with stakeholders, including the Government of Tanzania, The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Parliament, the Media and Civil Society Organizations and Non state actors.

Development Partner Support:  The GWG group is open to all bilateral and multilateral development partners supporting activities in the area of Governance in Tanzania. Currently there are over 18 active DPs in the sector. Most of the programmes are supported increasingly through the government preferred modality of General Budget Support, basket modality and sector wide approaches, however some donor funding remains through local level project support. 

Contact Information


Anette Widholm Bolme: anette.widholm.bolme(at)gov.se

Sonya Elmer Dettelbacher: sonya.elmer(at)eda.admin.ch


Deus Rweyemamu: deusvalentine(at)gmail.com 

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