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PFMRP IV documents

Please find below the PFMRP Strategic IV document including the M and E framework and all other documents attached to the implemenatation of PFMRP IV. Also find the Joint Appraisal report document as well as a ppt presentation of the PFMRP IV.

Annual budget and Workplans
MoF will be encouraged to upload all budgets and workplans for PFMRP phase IV on MoF homepage for future years (for 2012/2013 these documents are found above). To view documents on MoF homepage please click here.

Progress reports
MoF will be encouraged to upload all progress reports for PFMRP phase IV on MoF homepage. To view documents please click here.

PFMRP III Documents

Please click here to view the PFMRP III Strategy.

The end of program report will be uploaded as soon as finalized.

Please find the mid-term evaluation below 

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