DPG Tanzania

Annual Review

The Annual Review is the most significant event of the year in the Budget Support work cycle. It is usually held by the Government of Tanzania (GoT) and its Budget Support Development Partners in November each year.

The review is an opportunity for the GoT and the DPs to assess how the Budget Support funds have been used by the Government, and whether this has produced results in poverty reduction. The assessment of the Underlying Principles and the Performance Assessment Framework are the basis for the review.

The review can therefore cover a broad range of issues in sectors such as health, transport, education, agriculture as well as governance. It is also an opportunity for the government and Development Partners to discuss how to shape their future GBS partnership.

Based on a successful conclusion of the Annual Review and an agreed report from the same, Development Partners make their commitments for Budget Support payments for the following financial year. 

Annual Review Reports and Performance Assessment Framework from previous years can be found in the Key Documents library

Documents relating to the Annual Review 2013 can be found below. Pictures from the event are here.

Final Report from the Annual Review 

Joint Press Statement on Outcomes of the Annual Review

Opening Statement by the Deputy Minister for Finance, Hon. Saada M. Salum

Opening Statement of the GBS Chair at the Annual Review

Performance Assessment Framework 2013  

Performance Assessment Framework 2014

Joint Evaluation of Budget Support in Tanzania