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Important documents that relate to Budget Support in Tanzania can be found on this page. This includes the key agreements on which GBS is based as well as documents used for the Annual Reviews from previous years. 

Budget Support brochure

Budget Support in Tanzania 2014/2015 brochure describes Budget Support and its results in an easily understandable way. 

GBS Partnership Framework Memorandum

GBS Partnership Framework Memorandum (PFM) sets out the principles and terms for the partnership between the Government of Tanzania and the GBS Partners. 

Technical Note

The Technical Note governing GBS outlines the technical details of the operation of the GBS facility for channeling the disbursements of the Development Partners to the United Republic of Tanzania. 

The Technical Note complements the PFM in outlining the technical details of GBS, and together they form the foundation for the bilateral agreements that are signed between an individual Development Partner and the Government.

Annual Review Documents

During the Annual Review, the Government of Tanzania and its Development Partners assess how the Budget Support funds have been used by the Government, and whether this has produced results in poverty reduction.

The main documents of the Annual Review are the Performance Assessment Framework (PAF), which is used as the basis for discussion, and the Annual Review Report, which is published after the Review. Below are the PAF and Review reports from previous years.

Annual Review Reports


GBS Statement of Accounts (Internal and External Audit Reports)

GBS Financing

Development Partners’ GBS contributions are deposited into the GBS Facility account with the Bank of Tanzania. With instructions from Pay Master General, they are transferred to the exchequer.

Financial arrangement 

The technical arrangements for the Development Partners and the Government are: 

  •  The facility is managed by the Ministry of Finance through the Accountant General's Department.

  • The Accountant General provides monthly and quarterly statements for PRBS facility to the Development Partners.

  • The Controller and Auditor General audits the PRBS accounts.

GBS Statement of Accounts
GBS Work Programmes